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With its suitably vibrant shop front right in the middle of thriving Soho, Fresh Soho specialises in vegan-friendly, nutritious juices, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches and salads that are a great and healthy way to fuel up on a summer afternoon. We call ourselves ‘the healthy eating café’, and judging from the offering, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be feeling virtuous after your visit.
For £5.50 we do a great salad box complete with lots of yummy deli nibbles like roasted red peppers, vine leaves, houmous and pickles and speciality breads. Our juice combinations are pretty imaginative and completely customisable so you can always invent what you want if nothing on the menu takes your fancy. And of course, all our drinks are freshly made, right in front of your eyes.
If you’re overheating, go for the ‘Prime Cooler’, which is a great combo of apple, ginger, orange and cucumber. The staff members are really passionate about what they do and are happy to help you navigate their rather ambitious menu board. We have an astounding collective knowledge of juices and smoothies so are always there to inspire you to try something new.
Fresh healthy eating cafe,
51 Lexington Street, Soho, London, W1 9AR
0207 4949 539
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51 lexington street w1f 9ar, 02074949539